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Computers come in a variety of types designed for different purposes, with different capabilities and costs. The Iraqi ministries processing in different types of computer, for example, the Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Planning and more company deals with international brands of these brands and the most important of which we have direct contact with them is Lenovo, HP. and Dell other brands we can get at good prices, for example, Toshiba, Acer, azuz and more Our objective is provide all the convenience with all the agreed global guarantees.

APPLE Products 
We can provide apple products with best price and best warranty all model such as mac pro, MacBook, iPad air, and more supply and installation with all services apple support.

A workstation is a computer intended for individual use that is faster and more capable than a personal computer. It's intended for business or professional use (rather than home or recreational use).

Server computers that supply files to client computers over network. This class of powerful microcomputers can also be used to handle the processing for many users simultaneously who are connected via terminals; in this respect, high-end workstations have essentially supplanted the role of minicomputers In a technical sense, a server is an instance of a computer program that accepts and responds to requests made by another program; known as a client. Less formally, any device that runs server software could be considered a server as well.

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